Stickley Furniture Essay

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Stickley Furniture

Stickley Furniture

Stickley Furniture founded in 1900 by brothers Leopold and George Stickley manufacturing fine cherry, white oak, and mahogany furniture with a prestigious line of mission oak furniture. Stickley Furniture has a production facility outside of Syracuse, New York but now has various showrooms in New York State, Connecticut and North Carolina. Employing 1,350 employees, Stickley Furniture has been able to gain report with local customers and gain a large market share in the north eastern part of the country. With continued growth and technological advances, they have the opportunity to increase production and streamline production processes. (Stevenson,
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The batch process is used for the various types of chairs, for example, pieces of wood get cut, are fed into the computer, sanded, and glued together. Even though batch processing is a secondary description of the whole, it is also similar in that the specific pieces that are produced in bulk are dispatched from station to station where particular tasks are applied to producing them before they get sent into the next for the following procedure. This is proven by the fact that there are two high seasons in a year, and other two low market seasons. Therefore during the second and fourth quarters, when demand is low there is production of a high number of furniture which is that is stored into the inventory. The continuous production process is the variable cost of electricity which is very low, at $60,000 per month, considering their productivity that twenty thousand boards are cut each day. The process is also flexible as not all the boards are fixed into completed furniture. Others are left to cater for customer preferences, repairs and sudden abrupt demands that may arise any time.

Stickley Furniture production is high; its entire finished and partially completed inventory is duly recorded. The management does this to increase the quality of their production, by keeping track of the status and location of the completed and

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