Essay on Statistics

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The researcher in order for her to better have a grasp of the topic at hand, conducted interviews among ten (10) students whom she thinks are smart. She thought of using a questionnaire-type interview in order to gain more insights about the ideas of other people regarding smart students. The questionnaire she gave her respondents is consisting of nine (9) questions, seven (7) of which are open-ended questions while two (2) are objective questions. The first question asked was: Do you believe you are a smart student? Why? Why not? Six (6) out of ten (10) of the respondents believe that they are smart; but they have different reasons to think so. Two (2) of the respondents stated that everybody is smart in his/her own way, while the …show more content…
The answers of the respondents were very varied. Three (3) of the respondents chose Mathematics and History as easiest for them. Many of the respondents chose Music as the hardest for them. For the fifth question, the respondents were asked to tell why they are good in their chosen subject. Those that they said that they are smart in Mathematics said that they are good in problem solving while those that are good in History said that they are good in memorizing. The sixth question was: How do you prepare for an exam? Most of the respondent said that they study hard a day before the exam while only one said that she prays hard. The seventh question was: What kind of environment do you prefer to study? Most of the respondents said that they prefer a quiet and peaceful place while two of the respondents said that they like a cool and fresh place. The 8th question is about choosing as many from the different types of intelligences (based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence). The respondents have varied answers but most of them think mathematical/logical intelligence while a few chose linguistic intelligence. Some of them checked more than one type of intelligence. The last question was a follow-up question of the 8th question: What makes you think you are intelligent in those types of multiple

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