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Alex Ross
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July 10, 2013

To start from the beginning, on September 7, 1982, Howard Schultz began working at the first Starbucks store in Seattle's Pike Place Market. At this time he was just a company marketing manager. Then a simple business trip to Milan and Verona changed everything. This trip made him realize that the coffee shop had to sell more than whole bean and ground coffee to really be successful. Which he was right! Since his bosses would not do this, he would take matters into his own hands and do it himself. Five years later he bought out his boss and then became CEO of Starbucks. It is amazing how one idea could make such a massive
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When you see the consumer drastically change their buying behaviors because of the recession, the questions above are quite hard to answer. Either the customer abandons their retailer completely, or was the loyalty even there to begin with? Many people think that they just shop at a certain place because it is convenient. If another store that sold the same product but cheaper and it also closer to where you live then you will probably go to the closer place just to save a few extra bucks. Yet, some people out there remain loyal to that one place. Starbucks is meant for all age groups. “Starbucks’ primary target market is men and women aged 25 to 40. They account for almost half (49 percent) of its total business. Starbucks’ appeal to this consumer age group through hip, contemporary design that is consistent in its advertising and decor, and working to keep its products current as status symbols."(O'Farrell, 2013) The other types of people are the young adults which are your typical college students. These sales here total about 40 percent of Starbucks sales. Starbucks positions itself as a place where college students can hang out, study, write term papers and meet people. Which for your average non-party student this is a nice place to hang out. The young adult audience grows 4.6 percent each year.
The other minor group are the teenagers/kids. Kids and teens are also a large part of Starbucks’ target audience. Together, customers age 13

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