Stanford Prison Study : Shocking And Treatment Of The Young Men Appalling

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Ordinarily I would have probably have a hard time deciding which case study did the most harm however, clearly after reading each case in my mind there was only one choice.

Stanford Prison Study:
While the Stanford prison study is shocking and the treatment of the young men appalling, this case study only had 24 participants and only touched a handful of people. While I do believe there is evidence that some of the participants had some lasting affects, in my mind the MMR study was clearly the study that lead to the most harm.

MMR Study:
The study itself was based on only 12 children (The Lancet, Wakefield, et al., 1998, p.637-641). How can you begin to make any assumptions based on only 12 children?
While perhaps, in a community of twenty, if twelve people develop the same disease, there may be a reason to do some research on only those 12.
This was not the case, based on the large number of children that receive vaccines, I cannot fathom why any scientist or researcher could make any assumptions or factual findings based on such a small pool of respondents.

What the Scientists did:
According to The Indian Journal of Psychiatry, Sathyanarayana, & Andrade (2011, p.95-96), the entire case study was nothing but a fraud, the main researcher, A. Wakefield was paid by some lawyers to manipulate the data to obtain the results that showed a correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism, for the purposes of a lawsuit that was being filed.
Lawyers wanted the data to show…

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