Essay Spousal Violence And Sexual Abuse

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Spousal violence occurs in many families, but a minority of victims have gone to the police. There are many types of abuses, and in Canada, there are more female victims than male victims to endure the violences. Economic abuse is more serious than the other abuses since all the finances are controlled by one person who has gained the most. Furthermore, the victims of verbal abuse are usually the one who always stays at home, the tensions from the environments produce verbal abuse. Isolation is an abuse that seems invisible to others, considering the victims are isolated from the society. Not every victim has experienced all the abuses, nevertheless, some of the abuses are extremely severe, which can hurt the victims for a long-lasting time.
Spousal violence is a complex action that no one can control of, even the self cannot. Due to the pressures from the society, the abuser’s stresses are hard to relieve by himself. According to the report by Department of Justice Canada, “spousal” means a relationship that is married, common-law, separated, divorced partners, heterosexual, or homosexual, also, both persons have to be elder than fifteen year-old. Usually people think spousal violence is only physically, however, the offences can be emotional, verbal, psychological, economic, sexual, or physical. Moreover, some of the offences are common attack, attack with a weapon, sexual assault, homicide, forced to imprisonment, uttering threats, harassment, and unable to provide daily…

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