Speech : Make Time For Creativity Essays

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Make Time for Creativity:
Trying to Remain Out of The Box in the Public School System As children grow, they become more and more interested in the world around them. They start to explore, develop ideas and talents, and are more in touch with their creativity. However, once a child is enrolled in school, they must put a hold on their natural gift and creativity because the education system says a child must know mathematics and writing in order to succeed in life. Due to the curriculum and tests, teachers focus more on these two subjects rather than teaching lessons that help the child’s mind flourish. In fact, some teachers are realizing that their lessons do not let children reach their fullest potential, but also know they are very limited in ways that can help. Although handling lessons and school work might be a little hectic, teachers should allow students more creative time. Creativity is only touched at a bare minimum, but should be as equally important as language arts and math in order for students to recognize or further develop their talents. Children in the public school system, especially in junior high and high school, are limited in their time to develop their own ideas and talents. Students are told to use their mind and to be original in their work, while the teachers set expectations for everything the students do, “Expectations in art, dance, writing a paragraph, reading a book, and even behaving,” says Kathleen Anderson (Anderson 67). However,…

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