South East England Essay

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Source F strongly challenges the interpretation that during the inter-war period Britain was a nation in decline and depression. It is an advertisement for housing in the South East of England (which we know was more prosperous than the North). Source F describes the house as a “Super Home” which could be considered partly accurate, which may make the source partly reliable. While there were a number of attempts to improve quality of housing and living (since World War One) for all classes within in society, they weren’t effective. Homes like the one in the advertisement weren’t available everywhere and uncommon. However, housing policies during the 20s and 30s had improved the quality of housing in Britain. So the claims of the home being …show more content…
Therefore Source F could be considered accurate and a reliable source. Although Source F gives a limited view of a particular region, it still provides a reliable and accurate view that it challenges the statement of Britain being a nation in decline and depression in the inter-war period.

Source F is an advertisement for new houses in the South East of England. It is a drawing which makes it give the impression of what a “super home” would look like in 1933 however it may not be a completely reliable impression of what it may look like in reality. This limits the source’s reliability and that must be taken into consideration. Source F was produced by New Ideal Homesteads LTD and it was the largest private house builder in the 1930s. This is more reliable as an industry leader and a monopoly power, which would mean they have to uphold a reputation and they wouldn’t want to lead false imitations. This helps to provide further reliable and convincing evidence to challenge a statement. Consequently, helping to further challenge the statement that all industries in Britain were in decline and depression. Source F is an advertisement therefore the purpose of the source is to sell houses and advertisements usually focus on strengths and modulate problems that may exist. The artist’s impression of the house may not be completely accurate or reliable. As a result of it being a poster, it has to be eye-catching to attract the attention

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