Sorry for the Loss Essay

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Sorry for the Loss * by Bridget Keehan

The novel “Sorry for the Loss” by Bridget Keehan is about a woman called Evie who is prison chaplain. In the text she is about to tell an inmate that a relative of his died. This is the first time she is going to do this. The text is about the expectations she has towards telling him the grim news and how people can surprise you. She had her expectations and maybe even prejudices going into that cell. By analyzing symbols and reactions in the novel, this essay will look deeper on the reaction of the inmate Victor. This essay will also look at Evie’s workplace and how she feels about her work. Last, it will look at some of the symbols in the text and how they are used to make us understand
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“She is relieved to discover that Victor Zamora is not the angry man from the computer room but a slight, good-looking boy who appears barely old enough to be in an adult jail. She can almost imagine him as her son” (p. 2 l.74-76). He is a good-looking young kid. Sounds like he could be quite the target in a prison facility. He has to be tough to get by.
Evie is unsecure in her work. Evie has been working as a prison chaplain for over a year but she is still quite insecure. She does not feel comfortable in her work place and is easily startled. “After she has been in post for over a year she still finds the environment of prison abrasive and intimidating.” (p. 1 l. 19-20). Prison is not the coziest workplace so it is not weird that she is not super comfortable with it but she has work there for over a year and she is still very easily startled. She has a problem with the noises in the prison. She wants to walk through the wing she will work on that day so that she can feel safe in her surroundings. She notices many noises, which you only would pay that much attention to if it bothered you. Keys jangling, keys in locks, food trays being piled up, guards eating and names being called out. These are not things that would make enough noise to overwhelm anybody but it overwhelms her. “The mix of sounds creates such a cacophonous din that Evie considers it a wonder the thick stone walls that separate this world from the one outside contain the noise.

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