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tringer: Sony Has Recovered its Innovation Edge
The electronics company CEO says new tech milestones prove it's back on top in innovation

By Vivian Yeo

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Pointing to several industry "firsts", Sony Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer said Tuesday the company has "recovered" in all areas that it was seen to be having difficulties. The Sony chief was speaking to the media during his first
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"We'd have had a proprietary one before, but this is an interoperable one which is much more useful for the customer. That's a good sign."
The PlayStation Network, a digital media delivery service for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable (PSP) customers, was "launched quietly" based on the experience of being "a company that's been ridiculed for its software development", admitted Stringer. The move turned out to be "very successful", he pointed out.
"Now we have to make Vaio and Sony walkmans and cellphones connect into that PlayStation Network so that they too can deliver the same content seamlessly and freely across those devices instead of the PSP," he added.

The company's goal is to take device-to-device communication further, eventually having 90 percent of Sony devices capable of networking with one another, said Stringer. Essentially, users can migrate all the things they care about from one device to another, such as porting data from a laptop to a PSP, he explained.

Electronics innovation, said Stringer, really comes from "extensions of an existing theme".

The truth is, everybody's brand new product is an extension of what already exist—the world is no longer a place where you say, 'Oh look, I've just invented television', or 'I've invented [the] cellphone', he pointed out. "You make them bigger and better, thinner, taller, shorter,

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