Socioeconomic Class Is A Very Wide Topic Essay

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Invitational Essay Socioeconomic class is a very broad topic. It covers many things from income, education, and occupation. Socioeconomic class can also be a very hard thing to determine for many people. Most kids when they are growing up manage to do extracurricular activities, this can range from playing on a league basketball team to taking ballet classes or just extra tutoring. The amount a child is able to do as they grow up can largely depend on their socioeconomic class. Now some may say it has nothing to do with that but if you think about it does. Previously stated it was said that socioeconomic class is based on income, education, and occupation. Well a child’s ability to participate in extracurricular activities is based on at least one of those things. Most extracurricular activities will require parents or guardians to pay money for their child to participate. It can be just paying for the class or tutoring, or paying for the equipment to play that certain sport along with paying for a spot in that league etc. The income of the parents greatly decides what a child can do for extra activities on the side. I personally have experience with this because as I was growing up I did some extracurricular activities namely ballet, gymnastics, and soccer. I only did those activities for a short period of time before I realized even as a young five year old child that we couldn’t afford for me to participate at that time. Because of this I started to focus…

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