Social Media Essay

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Social Media

Social media is a form of communication that allows users to create online communities. These communities allow them to share different kinds of information. Some forms of media allow users to share photos, audio, text, and general information to other online users. Some other interaction by users can be as simple as voting on a article, asking for comments, or get specific as Redbox by recommending movies based on a genre or top ratings that best fits a persons interest. Today there are many different types of social media platforms. Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Podcasts, Blogs, and Twitter are just some of the many popular social communications. The use of these communities allow people to stay connected to family
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Social Media has a lot of pros as well as cons to its services and uses. In the Article “Why use Social Media?” Focused on the process of managing social media channels, setting goals and strategies, and measuring the efforts made by using social media all with in a library setting. By listening helps to get understand the general issues with in the community. By saving important alerts to your library allow you to see what customers or a person within the community thinks of your created library. By posting on your library about what is happening or upcoming events will allow others to see them and want to respond back. This article also provided tips on how to communicate with costumers and users that using social media. The article gave advice that users can use to keep people interested in their library. It also gave the advice of making sure the info on your library is relevant, consistent, and up to date with new information so that it can help keep the interest of its users. The next article about Social Media covered how users have concerns with privacy issues and the loss of human interactions with one another. Social media has made conversations and staying in touch with others a lot easier to do. It also discussed the first use of a social media and how it began in the mid 1990s. This type of media allowed people to put together and make their own websites by

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