Essay on Social Media Has Changed The Daily Lives Of Americans

1464 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
Social media can be defined as something that people share information over, however some people may define social media as something that starts to take over someone’s daily routine. Social media, in means of communication is not something that is relatively new, however some of applications and websites we use are. Social media has changed the daily lives of Americans by setting standards, taking up time, creating distractions, and emotionally changing people.

One of the earliest forms of communication that people considered “Social Media” was the telegraph, in which it sent early versions of e-mail, otherwise known as T-mail. This was the earliest form, which was common during the Civil War, and also before the invention of the internet. After the war, the telephone operators used the same technique, however changed full words to symbols and abbreviations. The use of symbols and abbreviations is called Morse code, and was used to communicate socially. Many customers that had telephone lines also had party lines, in which a shared landline was used by several people so that they could listen to several people talk together. This party line was common in the twentieth century, and allowed people to talk over long distance, with several different people at once. Another form of social media includes the internet and e-mailing, where people can send messages over the web to talk to each other.

Today, there are several different types of websites, applications that are…

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