Social Media As An Educational Tool Essay

1086 Words Jun 24th, 2015 null Page
The rapid development of information and communication technologies has sparked the creative incorporation of social media into current pedagogical applications and processes. Social media includes a variety of web-based tools and services that are designed to promote community development through collaboration and information sharing. These tools provide opportunities for individual expression as well as interactions with other users. Social media can include blogs, wikis, media (audio, photo, video, text), sharing tools, networking platforms (including Facebook), and virtual worlds. Current research has indicated that using social media as an educational tool can lead to increased student engagement. By encouraging engagement with social media, students develop connections with peers, establish a virtual community of learners and ultimately increase their overall learning. Student engagement represents both the time and energy students invest in interactions with others through educationally purposeful activities (Kuh, 2001). Students who use information technology for academics also have a higher likelihood of contributing and participating in active, academic collaboration with other students (Nelson Laird and Kuh, 2005). This collaboration indicates that as engagement with technology increases, engagement with academics also increases, promoting a deeper connection between the students, educators, and course content (Mehdinezhad, 2011). By participating in a community…

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