Essay about Social Media And Business Environment

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Social Media and Business
Interacting with friends and family across long distances has always been a common concern of humans for centuries. As social creatures, we rely on the effort of communication to strengthen our relationships with one another. To overcome the inconveniences or impossibilities of face-to-face interactions, our society has dreamed up plentiful creative solutions. Social media as we know it today can be said as an evolution traced back to the root of the Internet since it retransformed the World Wide Web to what it was initially created for – a platform to aid information exchange between users (Kaplan and Haenlin, 2010). The revolution of social media is a new way of utilizing the World Wide Web where content and applications are no longer created and published by individuals, but instead are continuously modified by all users in a participatory and collaborative fashion.
As a Business major with a focus in Entrepreneurship, it is clear to me that every now and then something with potential comes to the forefront in changing how the business environment operates. Today, social media is one of such phenomenon. Social media, which is sometimes referred to as social networking, allows users to have the ability of sharing their views and daily encounters. This contributes in creativity, open communication and sharing of knowledge among users. Facebook, Twitter, and discussion forums are all examples of social media tools and virtual communities. The…

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