Essay on Social Deviance And Ethnic And Racial Groups

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Deviance though perpetrated by all races has become most commonly associated with specific ethnic and racial groups In North America. The assumption is certain racial and ethnic groups, particularly non-white minorities, are more prone to actively participate in various forms of social deviance. Modern conceptions of racial and ethnic differences that attribute to devicine are largely misleading and false. The myth is something that perpetuated out of ethnocentric views of puritan settlers to froms of oppression forced to various forms of deviance rather than innate qualities of an entire race. Situational

The foundation for these prejudicial and stereotypical ideas stem all the way back to when Europeans discovered North America, deeming it the New World, was discovering North America. Puritan settlers were set forth long before other races were thought to be. Stereotypical ideas of deviance in reference to minority stems mainly from lack of collective knowledge. Is resppcts to common North American stereotypes, many people don’t understand that the stereotypes commonly associated with certain minotity groups grew out of the oppression of these groups. Even after major events like the civil rights movement helped p

People’s misconception about deviance often revolves around the notion that the standards by which we judge deviance are universal truths rather than socially constructed concepts. Many sociologists view the role of deviance through a constructionist…

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