Sleep Is Essential For Survival Essay

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Sleep Insight Improves Memory Recall It is common knowledge that sleep is essential for survival, “we spend about one-third of our lives asleep.” (National Institutes of Health, 2003) When an individual obtains adequate sleep, it is known to lower stress, improve one’s mood, help maintain a healthy weight, improves athletic performance/coordination, and increases one’s ability to pay attention and remember new information. The benefits of getting adequate hours of sleep, in turn have drastic effects on one’s health if they do not obtain enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is known to cause a variety of issues like obesity, depression, and hypertension. Like health issues, sleep deprivation has serious effects on one’s cognitive processing and performance, but can adequate sleep improve one’s cognitive performance on the serial position experiment? The “Serial Position experiment” (CogLab) is used to test a theory of memory, that when information is given in a sequential manner, one will remember the information at the beginning of the sequence and information at the end of the sequence. Remembering information at the beginning of the sequence is called the primacy effect, and remembering the information at the end of the sequence is called the recency effect. Memory is essential to everyday life. In order for memory to be effective one must be able to retain and retrieve information. Lecture 3a: Memory: Basic Concepts and early research (Slides 2, 6, 9, & 10)…

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