Essay about Slavery During The Civil War

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Slaves played a huge role in helping develop America as a major power. Slaves greatly increased production throughout America, encouraged trade, as well as influenced society and culture. They were used to dramatically bolster production of goods, in addition to freeing up time for their white owners, who were considered more important at the time. Slaves were also a very controversial topic however, seeing as they were still people, but had no say in their lives. Using slaves split the Union apart, it was one of the main causes of the Civil War, in which many slaves also participated in. The use of slaves in America’s early stages however, was essential to America growing powerful, and prospering as a whole, the development of America progressed significantly more quickly. The first sign of slavery in what is now America, were known as indentured servants. Most of these indentured servants were either young, or poor, and from Europe, particularly from England, or Germany. These were people who could not afford to travel to the newly discovered North America, or the New World. Their passage would be bought by an employer, wealthy enough to buy passage for their slaves, as well as be successful in the New World. Indentured servants were treated in a similar manner as slaves, while they were technically free after an agreed upon number of years of work, usually around five to seven years, most would either die before they were freed, or would never be freed. Most employers…

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