Single Moms With Mental Illness Essay

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Measurement The independent variable in this research is single moms with mental illness. The dependent variable was measured as child abuse and neglect. The control variable of this study is defined as single moms without mental illness. Single mom is defined as a woman without a legally bound partner by marriage or a live in paramour with no financial or physical contribution by the biological father (s). For the purpose for this research study mental illness is defined as a formal diagnosis from a qualified mental health professional. If the client displayed symptoms of a mental illness, this cannot be counted. Child abuse, as defined by the child welfare government agency, is a non accidental physical injury and or failure of parent or guardian to provide for a child’s basic needs and immediate needs (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2014). These basic needs can consist of failure to provide but are not limited to: healthcare, supervision, emotional needs, and safe housing. The method of measurement chosen for this research was case records. The case records were obtained from the state of Louisiana’s Division of Child and Family Services. Division of Child and Family Services is also referred to as DCFS throughout the proposal. The data will be collected one time only. There will be no pre and post test for this research. If we were to look at and compare their case record to the stability of their family now, there would be a post test. However we are only…

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