Similarities And Differences Between O ' Connor 's ' Cold Blood ' And ' A Good Man Is Hard

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In both stories of “In cold blood” by Capote and “A Good man is hard to find” by O’Connor, there are several similarities and contrasts in their literacy forms. The characters in both stories are also comparable although diverse at certain points. Some of the similarities range from foreshadowing, character simulation, and even the setting is similar since it envies ' and harbor criminal incidences (O’Connor, 121). Characters have similar qualities that make them advance their heinous acts. It’s evident when the two stories end up with the unwarranted deaths of innocent individuals i.e. grandmother in cold blood and the Clutters by O’Connor’s story. First, there are several linkages between Capote’s story and O’Connor’s story. Among the other similarities between O’Connor’s book and Capote’s book are foreshadowing, and the premise of the American landscape violated by an invader. In addition to that, there are similarities between the murdered families and the killers. Moreover, there are revelations of mistrust among members of an apparently complacent American community among others. Perry Smith’s fantasy of a parrot that defeats a snake (Capote, 92) is uncannily similar to the ending of “A Good Man is Hard to find”. It is where The Misfit, wearing a parrot shirt, shoots the grandmother now when she appears snakelike.
All the same, O’Connor’s grandmother and Mrs. Bonnie Clutter share similarities since they both suffer moments of mental instability. In addition, they…

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