Sibling Rivalry Is A Common Issue Essay

1380 Words Nov 21st, 2014 null Page
Sibling rivalry is a common issue that has been around since the first children were introduced into the world. Sibling rivalry occurs when a brother and sister, or vice versa, continuously use verbal insults, physical violence, or isolation to cause negative effects on each other. This can include hitting, kicking, yelling, name-calling, swearing, excluding each other from activities, and numerous other hurtful actions. When siblings fight with each other, it can cause physical and emotional damage, which can create long-term problems for both children. Sibling rivalry can be serious, but it can simply be that one sibling is simply pushing the other’s buttons, causing short spurts of tension between the two that usually dissipates. Aliens in the Attic and Zathura both include sibling rivalry in their plots. One portrays it to be comical, and the other shows that sibling rivalry can be serious. Despite their obvious similarities, Zathura and Aliens in the Attic portray the factors that affect sibling rivalry very differently. In Aliens in the Attic, the brother, Tom, and his older sister, Bethany, are fighting throughout the plot of the movie. In one particular scene, Tom and his cousin, Jake, team up to shoot Bethany’s boyfriend, Ricky, with a paintball gun as a prank, or as Jake puts it, “to prune the family tree” (Aliens in the Attic). This exhibits the comical potential in sibling rivalry, which leads many experts to believe that gender may affect how siblings fight.…

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