Should We Sell Stolen Goods? Essay

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Would you buy stolen goods? Yeah, because, according to you, you are not stealing anything, so no problem. But do not ever think that what you are doing is contributing to more thefts occur? This is the same. The meat is very nice as a burger, but you have to know where it comes from and who has had to happen so you can eat it. A rather selfish is to believe you own the freedom of your fellow man. In this essay I will rely primarily on animal exploitation in terms of our food, mainly from cows and chickens, as they are treated, killed and used for our own "benefit "because we know that there are research laboratories, circuses, zoos, animal traffic, etc. What is exploitation? As SAR is "set dedicated to one industry or granjería items" The sad thing is that farms that as a good factory, seek as much profit with minimum investment, therefore any accompanying moral acts that occur within those farms. "They do not do to others what you do not want done" is a popular phrase that we all know, but we forget something small, the

animals also qualify under the word "other", they have feelings too."That poor mindset do you have to say that animals are machines devoid of feelings and understanding"
Take away the lives of animals today is big business because it is very normal so nobody cares. But what time killing someone became normal and that no one cares? "When God prohibits killing, was no exception," It will be because it is something that will never stop, because, throughout…

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