Essay about Should Teens Undergo Plastic Surgery?

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Should teens undergo cosmetic surgery?

In today's society the picture of beauty is a rail thin super model with the body of a goddess posted on billboards all around the world. Children are brought up playing with Barbie dolls with the body measurements of would be 39, 18, 38. Because of these pictures and other figures of beauties projected all over, today teenagers are convinced to believe that to be beautiful and happy they must look like these images. According to a survey by Bliss Magazine, Four in ten teenage girls have considered plastic surgery and two thirds of the 2,000 girls quizzed, average age 14, said the pressure came from celebrities with perfect bodies and boys. (BBC news)
Society today has brain washed not only
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A doctor can attend a seminar at a hotel and in a few hours, learn how to perform liposuction. This, then, may increase even higher risks for teens that undergo cosmetic surgery.

Apart from medical complications that could occur, the cost of cosmetic surgery is another factor that teens should take into account. Cosmetic surgery can be very expensive especially for adolescences that are still in school and do not have a lot of income. According to BBC, The average price of a "boob job" is around £3,000. A nose op or liposuction costs slightly less. (BBC news) And due to the high cost of these surgeries, it is no surprise that some teenagers may go into debt to finance the surgery by taking out a bank loan or other credit. Cosmetic surgery today has become a booming business which makes a lot of money for surgeons. And no one else is better qualified for potential customers than self-conscious teenagers who wish there were a thing or two that could be changed on their bodies. Once they walk into the rooms, doctors will say everything they can to persuade them to have as many things done as possible in order to get more money out of their pockets. The commercial goal is to make them want the most extensive surgery at the highest cost they can afford. Since insurance does not cover it, doctors can charge whatever they like. Most of these teenagers are easily convinced especially when it comes to appearance since they are still young and immature—looks

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