Should Teenage Girls Undergo Plastic Surgery? Essay example

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“We spend 6 years of our lives playing with Barbie’s and the rest of our lives trying to be one.” – Unknown. Teenage girls undergoing plastic surgery has become a popular activity, not only for the U.S., but all over the world. In 2011, there were 230,617 teen cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S., “ranging from Botox to breast implants” (Krishnan). There are no laws in the U.S. pertaining to what age is acceptable for teens to endure plastic surgery; however, in 2008, Australia became the first to ban teenage cosmetic surgery, which also included the use of tanning beds. If plastic surgery is performed to correct a birth deformity or executed to cosmetically improves one’s physical appearance, the adolescent needs to be both mature enough physically and most importantly, mentally. In the article titled “Should teenage girls be allowed to undergo plastic surgery?” published in Issues & Controversies in 2009, describes the important evidence as to why teens should not have plastic surgery. The five most common procedures performed include, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), otoplasty (pinning back of the ears), breast reduction, breast augmentation and lipoplasty (liposuction). Critics address how adolescents 18-years of age and younger, should not have cosmetic procedures while their bodies are still growing and developing. In some rare cases, a year or two after surgery, their surgical site may become disfigured due to their body still maturing and evolving. There…

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