Should Quotas Be Allowed Or Removed Completely? Essay

1972 Words Nov 20th, 2014 8 Pages
The world is constantly developing, however many countries still face turmoil. There is a disparity amongst countries where some are significantly more developed than others. The most sensible idea is to live in those countries that have a higher chance of success, although many issues arise once a single nation becomes crowded with immigrants all sharing the same goal. The answer people have found to mitigate the overflow of migrants is to use quotas. A quota in this case is a certain limit of migrants entering the country dictated by the government. These quotas are imposed by nations and are designed to what the government best sees fit. The idea of these quotas are controversial and conflict arises in whether or not we should accept all immigrants at the expense of our nation 's stability. Hence, the debate begs the question on whether quotas should be allowed or removed completely. To start with, the first perspective brings light in quotas that they provide benefits to their own countries. The first example is Singapore with the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF). The Prime Minister feared that the "antiforeigner" sentiment would hurt Singapore 's global reputation. Wee Heng See agrees with the Prime Minister 's decision and wrote a blog detailing the positive aspect of the Fair Consideration Framework. The law is associated with Singapore 's economic issues and Heng See has expertise in the field as a social media and digital marketer. He graduated from the National…

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