Short Note On Time Management Skills Essay

1162 Words Feb 25th, 2016 null Page
Stressful situations are very trying to one’s self-esteem and health. I tend to handle moderate stress well, seeing as it typically motivates me. While extreme amounts of stress can immobilize me at moments, and challenging to my mental health. Stress never gets the best of me though. I may struggle, but working past the obstacles and facing them is what I have found to be the best way to deal with stress. Time management skills are very important to me especially since I have a rigorous and extensive schedule between school work and extracurricular activities. I try to plan ahead to lessen the stress of tasks, and I do work ahead of the schedule when I am capable. Also, the first available time I have to do work is when I sit down and do homework or study. I always allow enough time for my scholar work to be completed with my upmost effort put into it. Other activities are usually completed after my daily school work. To find just one adjective to best describe who I am as an individual is a tough decision to make because I feel I am a hodgepodge of adjectives. The most accurate description would be that I am communicative. This adjective means so much because I am always will to converse with people about various topics. Communication is the key to everything in life. I have learned amazing information about different cultures, perspectives, and ideas. I am also able to clearly express my thoughts and ideas with others, which allows me to further my education and excel in…

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