Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence Essay

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The text states that sexual assault and domestic violence was a rarely discussed subject by society, despite it being a problem for several centuries. The violent crimes that occur for women that are higher than compared to men are rape and sexual assault, and domestic violence, or violence committed by intimates like current or former spouses and partners. It is said that women have less power than men in a social, economic, and physical levels. These may be contributing factors as to why women might be the targets for violence. Charlotte Perkins Gilman proposed the idea of an androcentric culture. She suggested that we live in a man-made world in which males are viewed as the dominant and females are viewed as the subspecies or the minority. This leads women to suffering from strictly limited options for occupations and interests. Gilman argued that both genders have the right to work so women should not have limited options. In order for society to progress, women should be able to be both mothers and workers. Work would also serve as the highest process in the evolution of humanity. This women’s movement began to challenge the norm of biological differences between genders that legitimized social role and status inequality and made women aware of their rights. Rape is defined as any type of sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim. In addition, sexual assault is defined as any sexual contact without consent of the victim that does not include sexual…

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