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Application of Scientific Methodology on Two Sample Case Studies
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Scientific method is one of the most reliable methods that are used to convey information and knowledge among researchers. In 18th century there were difficulties in the ways in which scientists could verify the works of other colleagues (Achinstein, 2004). Thus there was agreed upon a method to be used when conducting research which became the scientific method. This method is relied upon because it is a source of reliable knowledge and that research that is conducted in this advocated way provides knowledge and information that has a high probability of being true. Through this methodology thus a researcher must be able to
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Formulate a question
After identification of a significant observation we need to ask questions in such a way that there is a conceivable answer. This is through enthusiasm, passion and hunger for knowledge. In scenario 1 we can form various types of questions. Let us take a look at some of them (Schmied & Reid, 2008). a) Verification questions whose main aim is collecting information or data. In this scenario a typical example would be ‘Are my car keys lost?’ These questions cannot be tested and are thus not good. They are used for collecting observations. b) Significant questions which require clarification and antecedent knowledge. In this scenario an example would be ‘Where are my car keys?’ c) Experimental questions which have all the actually significant questions which can be tested. They are the best questions that are used in scientific methodology. From scenario 1 our question will be ‘If I came home late last night, could I have left the car keys in my bedroom?’
We use the last question because it is testable as we can go to the bedroom and actually look for the keys there. It is the type of question that researchers should use.

3. Formulate hypothesis
A hypothesis is an arbitrary answer or solution to the question raised above. Throughout this process we seek to find out whether the hypothesis is true or false and then draw meaningful conclusions (Science Buddies, 2014). A

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