Essay about Schools Should Be A Place Of Safe Learning

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Schools should be a place of safe learning not only for the students but for the teachers as well. There are many advantages of having security within our schools. One of the advantages of security in schools is that fewer incidents, suspensions and expulsions happen when schools have security measures in place (Wren, 2013). Another advantage of having security within our schools is being able to identify information prior to an attack, communities across the country can effectively establish policies and security measures to prevent future incidences. Lastly, security within our schools improves academic performance, it has been proven that with fewer distractions and a safer learning environment it results in higher academic achievement
Finn and Servoss (2014) conducted a study to answer two questions that pertained to school security policies. The first question being, what types of schools tend to have the most extensive security measures? And the second question asking, how does school security relate to suspension, dropout, and college attendance rates? The data they used was drawn from several measures separately; they then quantified the school security environment with an overall measure of the extent of security that was present. At the end, the scaling procedure produced a security composite score for each of the schools that accounted for different frequencies with each security measure that was used (Finn and Servoss, 2014).
The data that was supplied for this…

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