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The Salvation Army
Long Point Camp
2012 Summer Staff Application

The questions asked in this application are within the limits established by The Salvation Army’s Equal Employment Opportunity Guidelines. All information requested is considered valid for job performance or living conditions. The demands of camping require vitality, physical fitness, and age difference appropriate for supervision responsibility. Living units for families are limited and other units restricted according to gender, requiring supervision by a person of the same gender. All Salvation Army service is based upon prescribed doctrinal beliefs, a copy of which accompanies this application. Also enclosed is a copy of the goals of this camp that includes a
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6 Years -

7 Years -

8 Years -

9 Years -

10 Years -

11 Years -

12 Years -

Can you perform the requirements of the position(s) for which you are applying? o Yes o No
If you are employed and under the age of 18, can you provide a work permit? o Yes o No
2012 Summer Dates:
Staff Arrival: Program Staff Arrival- June 18th, International Staff Arrival- June 22nd, U.S. Staff Arrival- June 23rd. ALL Staff Departure : August 23rd

What dates are you available this summer? Start:___________________________ End: ________________________________
Please indicate dates and rationale for any time off required this summer, understanding that such requests will be factored in our decision to hire:

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Education - Are you currently in school? o Yes o No

School Name

Current or Last Year Completed

High School

Degree Earned

Grade Average

Dates Attending

o 9 o 10 o 11 o 12


o1 o2 o3 o4

Non Camp Work Experience - If you have had many jobs, list those most relevant to the position for which you are applying.
Position or Work Description -

Employer -

Full Address Start Date -

End Date -

Reason for Leaving -

Supervisor -

Phone -

Position or Work Description

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