School Violence Essay

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Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General. Chapter 4-Risk Factors for Youth Violence. 2000.
This Web site explains that risk factors for violence are not static. Their predictive value changes depending on when they occur in a young person's development, in what social context, and under what circumstances. Risk factors may be found in the individual, the environment, or the individual's ability to respond to the demands or requirements of the environment. Some factors come into play during childhood or even earlier, whereas others do not appear until adolescence. Some involve the family, others the neighborhood, the school, or the peer group. Some become less important as a
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Wse, 16, once made on his own life, sending him away from his home on the Red Lake Indian Reservation for psychiatric treatment. There were the pictures of bloodied bodies and guns he drew and shared freely with classmates. There was the story he apparently wrote about a shooting spree at a school in a small town. This doesn’t seem to be such an important source for a paper.
Dr. Peter. R. Breggin. Eric Harris Was Taking Luvox ( A Prozac-like drug) at the Time of the Littleton Murders. 30 Apr. 1999. In this site Dr. Breggin confirms that Eric Harris, was taking Luvox. Luvox commonly produces manic psychoses, aggression, and other behavioral abnormalities in young people. Mania is a psychosis that can produce bizarre destructive plans including mass murder. Reports by Dr. Breggin suggest Harris may have been suffering from a drug induced manic reaction from Luvox. Dr. Breggin explains this is why these drugs should not be taken by children. This seems to be a valuable source for my paper.
Jacqueline Sullivan. School House Hype: The School Shootings, and the Real Risks Kids Face in America. 30 Jan. 2005. Jacqueline Sullivan proposes solutions in ending school shootings and explains the real risks children face in our schools. Proposed solutions were adding police officers in schools, eliminating any minimum age at which children may be tried as adults, school expulsions and suspensions,

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