Essay about School Violence And Its Effect On Children

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Violence In School 's
Is violence in the school 's becoming more of an epidemic or random acts of aggression from children that is dealing with other personal issues that need 's to be address? School is supposed to be a safe place, where each child gets 's to learn from their peers and teachers. School isn 't suppose to feel like a war zone; it is a place where you can find peace, find yourself and teaches responsibility. Is the school violence getting out of hand? Are we doing enough to prevent the violence and promote peace among each other?What are the main reasons for school violence? Violence in a child starts at home and in the neighborhood that they are being raised in and transformed in school. It starts at an early age with the child being an adolescent showing signs of aggression, towards others siblings, family pets, through writing or even artwork. If caught, it can prevent the child from growing up with hatred and rage towards others peers or themselves. The child may have been physical or sexual abuse by a parent, family member, neighbor or a totally stranger can cause a dramatic tremor and with the result the child become violent. The child may even have some type of mental disorder, and just acting out because he or she feels confused and don 't know how to handle all this build up feelings."Children of mothers who experience prenatal physical domestic violence are at an increased risk of exhibiting aggressive, anxious, depressed or hyperactive…

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