Saving A Child From An Act Of Violence Essay

1287 Words Jun 24th, 2015 null Page
Saving a Child from an Act of Violence Since the beginning of advancement in technology, children have begun to be less attracted to playing outside and more amused with their phones, tablets, and televisions. All though the advancements we have made in technology is exceptional, many people fail to see the effects that it has dawned on children. Not only are children these years less active, less interested in socializing, but they are being more and more exposed each day to violence. What I am speaking of is how throughout times more and more violence is seen on television day by day. It can be from a gruesome action movie or news of wars across the world or even a series on TV, Violence is seen everywhere, everyday and rather we like it or not, children are just a click away from the exposure to violence. Unfortunately, children especially, when seeing violence they are the easiest of targets to be affected that is mentally, psychologically, and even emotionally. Many parents do not realize that by simply allowing their children to be exposed to such profanity and violent visuals can affect children in these ways and that is why parents need to be alerted and aware of what their children’s emotional state and behavior is in jeopardy. In an article by American Academy of children and Adolescent Psychiatry states that studies have shown that, “Extensive viewing of television violence by children causes greater aggressiveness. Sometimes, watching a single…

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