Satan, The Light Bringer, And The Most Beautiful Angel Essays

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Lucifer, the light bringer, and the most beautiful angel at God’s side. He shined brighter than all the other angels and had the most power next to God, but that was not enough. Cast into hell because of his pride and beginning to want nothing more than the power that was God’s and God’s alone, the fallen angel, Satan, is now commonly known as the ruler of all things evil, destructive, and bad. When thought of today, Satan brings to people’s minds things such as torture and sin, nothing at all like the light bringing angel he was once known as. Milton in Paradise Lost, however, seems to intentionally show the reader another side of this devil that takes pride in all sin, or so many people think. Milton not only shows a side of sympathy for Satan, but that Satan may have wanted better for himself and God. Because of the way that Milton portrays Satan and through the way that Satan talks throughout Paradise Lost, one may easily get the idea that Satan is a hero. Milton shows the heroic portrayal of Satan more specifically through the way Satan talks about God, the way that Milton shows a side of God that seems to be wrathful and distanced, and the way that Milton makes Satan a relatable character to the reader. Satan is a sympathetic character in Milton’s Paradise Lost to the point where he is seen as a tragic hero, his tragic flaw being his pride. The first way that Milton seems to portray Satan as the hero is the way that Milton has Satan’s dialogue. Satan speaks of…

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