Essay on Samsung Smart Tv Analysis

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Financial report :

Introduction :

The first Samsung’ Smart Tv has been launched in 2010 and because of this reason, we can’t provide a financial report of 3 years.
On the other hand, the use of smart tv’s financial reports are really restricted and you have to buy the book ¨Global Smart TV Market (2011 – 2016) Critical Capability, Use Case Analysis & Forecast By Accessories, Platforms, Middleware, Application & Geography¨ that provide all the informations about different companies. This book is around 5000 US$ so we are going to use different articles that provide informations of the actual and predicted financial situation of Smart Tv by Samsung.
However like all the companies, providing a lot of information can make
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In fact, the shipments climbed by 27% and in 2012, 66 million units have been sold.
After the analysis of the market, in 2015, 55% of tv sales will be Smart TVs.

About the performance of Samsung now, we can without any doubt affirm that Samsung’s smart tv were promoted a lot by a lot of advertisments but comparing to the other brands, the proportion of smart tvs shipped on their total tv shipments was only 26% on the first quart of 2012. Is that mean that the reaction from the customers about their Smart TV isn’t well received by customers ? Or they have too many TVs so that the proportion of Smart TV doesn’t seem that important?
Saying that it’s the second option will probably be hypocrite because the proportion of tv shipped mean the interest that people give to that tv. If the difference of proportion of smart tv shipped on total TVs differes that much from two companies different questions should submerge. For exemple, Sony shipped more than 50% of Smart TV, while samsung shipped only 26% of Smart TV on total of TVs shipped. Two reasons can result : Sony’s other TVs are not doing well or Sony’s Smart TVs are doing very well. That’s an important question that can’t be answered by us in this project because the information available isn’t enough to conclude.
If the effort put in the Smart TV’s selling plan isn’t as important as its competitors, Samsung has to find the reason and the solution to avoid big

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