Sample Letter From The Marketing Kit Essay

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Core branding elements must stay consistent throughout all marketing material, including but not limited to keeping the logo updated and consistent on all materials, introducing spot colors to create a unique color scheme, a continually updated informational blog featuring the same logo and color theme, along with an online shop and Foundation page, and a Facebook page and email newsletter sharing the same logo and color theme.
Establishing personal relationships with other business owners and heads of relevant associations that can help XYZ Company in terms of visibility and direct referrals is very important to the founders. XYZ Company marketing materials include a marketing kit focused on businesses who can provide referrals or other helpful services. The marketing kit includes an introductory letter from XYZ Company management tailored to the specific recipient and an overview of the business - mission, business model, and target demographic. The kit would also include customer testimonials, solicited from loyal customers, and an offer of how XYZ Company can reciprocate their help by placing links on website and sponsoring events. This is important to this market segmentation because of their high priority in business and need to have all of the facts when making decisions. By delivering this kit to a decision maker in the business, XYZ Company is taking initiative and presenting themselves in a positive manner.
There are four key components to the XYZ Company online…

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