Sahara Q Shop Essay

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This project is a part of Post Graduation Diploma in Management, academic year 2012-14. The project gives us an opportunity to study different aspects of Company. It also helps us to understand the Company Environment.
The project is based on Vendor Management followed by SAHARA Q SHOP. The major concern of any firm is to manage its supply chain and to earn loyalty and long term relationship out of it. This project helps us knowing the different steps taken by SAHARA Q SHOP to retain its vendors and all other distributors.
The report is an outgrowth of our study at SAHARA Q SHOP. Keeping in view the importance of supply chain management, an attempt has been made to examine the distribution practices followed by the company and
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Kailash Sharma Zonal Transport Manager, Kanpur.

Content Page no: * Executive summary 5 * Introduction of Sahara Q Shop 6 - 7 * Supply Chain Management 8 - 11 * Structure of channel partners 12 * Problems Faced 13 * Distribution Management 14 * Critical analysis 15 * Conclusion 16 * References 17

Executive Summary

In this project, we have tried to study the entire Vendor Management system adopted, distribution channel and supply chain structure of Sahara Q shop. To be more precise we have penned down to a particular product , so that it would be easy to study the entire process including physical distribution, warehousing, logistics, all other cost and all. Thus, we have chosen the physical distribution of Mustard oil.
There are some points like margins of different channel that are taken on average basis on all food products, as data was hard to be collected for the single product.
It contains detailed information regarding Procurement process, Form of

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