Russian Mafi Soviet Crime Essay

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Russian Mafia: Soviet Crime in United States of America
The Russian Mafia were a popular crime syndicate even posing as the greatest threat to the U.S. national security during the mid-1990s. With over 6,000 different groups around the globe, their activities are flown under the radar and limited action has been done to aware United States citizens. The Russian Mafia are commonly know as “Bratva” and still remain a trouble to America and it is important to understand their origins, the illegal activities they pursue in the U.S. and why they should be stopped.
Illegal demands were needed in Russian and thus began a criminal organization known as the Russian Mafia. Organized crime has existed in Russia (former Soviet Union) for 400 or more years. Trace back to Russia’s Imperial period during the 1700’s where criminals who stole from the government were praised. These criminals were formally known as members of The Russian Mafia and their criminal acts have evolved and improved greatly. With the death of Stalin in 1953 and the end of World War II, the criminal underground of the Mafia were given a chance to prosper. In 1970 small illegal businesses rose throughout the Soviet Union and the black market kept gradually increasing but that was just the start. Ten years later communism has collapsed and with the rise of capitalism The Russian Mafia kept advancing. If that wasn’t enough during the 1980’s, the United States also broadened its immigration policies, allowing Soviet…

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