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The Xbox 360 3 Red Lights of Death Repair Guide:
How we fixed our Xbox 360 within an hour without experience!
By: James Dean

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Table of Contents Introduction Tips Tools and Hardware Disassembling Xbox 360 Removing X- Clamps Mod 1 – Keep it cool Mod 2 – Screw it Mod 3 – “Baker, baker” Start it up 4 5 6-7 8-23 24-25 26-29 30-34 35-43 41

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Dear Xbox 360 Ring of Death Victim, You are reading this E-book because you want to fix your Xbox 360 and eliminate the 3 Red Lights problem without having to send it out for repairs. You also do not want to spend $140.00 and have to wait weeks to get back to your Xbox 360. This picture guide and videos have been created to show you in full detail how to fix your
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This is what your Xbox 360 should look like after.

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Step 2
Remove your hard drive on the side of the Xbox 360 by pressing on the release button shown below.

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Step 3
Removing grey side panels with a small pointy object (Paper Clip). Hard drive side first shown in pictures but you can do either side first. The hard drive side is a little trickier because 2 of the tabs are not accessible like the others. Looking at you Xbox360 closely you will see the tabs carefully press down on the tabs using a pointy object (paper clip).

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By looking in the inside of these 2 access holes you will be able to see the tabs. Slip the pointy object behind the tab and slight pry on the tab as you lift the panel up and repeat on the other side.

The tabs access may vary from model to model. They might be accessible like the other tabs if you’re lucky! Next remove grey panel on opposite side using the same method as above by pressing down on the tabs using a pointy object and lifting as the tabs release.

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Step 4
Next you will need to remove

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