Essay on Rough Draft Comp 1

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Peter Patrick
Composition Rough Draft 1 There are many people who have impacted my life and have inspired me to lead the life I live today. Among these people is my step-father, who came into my life at about the age of nine. Essentially, he has taught me how to be a man, and how to handle situations in such a way that a real, mature man would. He is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I have ever known, and has shown me by example how I should act, work, and respect others. If it were not for him, I may or may not have some of the great qualities that he has imposed on me, merely by leading by example. My step-father stepped in at a crucial time for my family, and I learned to love him, especially for all the support he
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I always assumed that it was an arduous task, but until that day I never fully understood what it was like. My back ached, I was fatigued and felt overworked, and I had no idea how I would make it through the day. By seeing the consistent effort and brute labor that my step-father had demonstrated by doing something he was used to, I was able to push forward.
By his showing of outstanding moral character and effort, I was eventually able to learn many tips from my step-father, most of which were learned not by being taught, but by watching how he worked. He, to this day, has never known the pure influence that he has had on me and that this one day of work has impacted my life forever. Through one day of work, I was able to drastically increase the respect I had for not only his dedication to supporting my family, but also my willingness to become more like him. I applied the lessons he unknowingly taught me to everything; from basic everyday tasks, to handling the stress and burden that comes with a university workload. This lesson was one that was completely necessary for me to learn eventually, because without a sense of proper work ethic and motivation, one cannot expect to achieve many successes in life. Not every aspect of life is trivial, and without learning to cope with struggles, life may be significantly more difficult. It was important for me to acquire the skill and life lessons that he taught

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