Room Told Through Jack 's Interpretation Essay

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Authenticity lies in having the novel Room told through Jack’s interpretation. This is the case, because in terms of Ma’s character, Jack maintains a stronger agency through his voice. The character and voice of Ma in the novel is one that is controversial, inevitably because of her history as a child. The fact that she was kidnapped and rapped maintains the notion that if she were telling that story, the reader would be getting a more nostalgic side of the story. The story would be transformed completely. It would be more focused on how she came to be in the situation that she has been placed in, which would leave Jack in a different position in terms of the narrative. He would clearly be limited in character and more importantly voice. Seemingly, if the story were told in Ma’s perspective it would be too disturbing. She would bring a more dark side to the story that would be too traumatizing and hard for the reader to grasp. Conclusively, there is the theme in the novel of innocence versus protection. Ma has Jack believe that all there is in life is room. This shows how Jack is more innocent as a character, and therefore, by having him lead the story through his voice, he brings more truth to the story. Ma as the narrator would shy away from what the story is trying to bring and that is authenticity and the uprising and development of a five-year-old boy. The locked room can be read as a figure of speech for the enclosed, loving bond of motherhood and the relationship…

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