Role Of Women During Revolutionary War Essay

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Change in the role of Women during revolutionary war // Women 's Lives in the American Revolutionary Era (before, during and after)------change this theme

Examples of women role b4 RW
Before the Revolutionary war, women’s role and rights were strongly inferior to men. Men hold all the power to make decisions, however married women lack of legal rights. The law strongly disagreed to recognize that the women’s rights in every aspects, such as political and economics in the eighteenth century. Women cannot officially vote in the congress until 1920. In other words, women were not allowed to serve in elected office or in any other official political capacity. Invariably, men were supposed to be the head of household and women plays an important role as supporting the family. However, as for those women that did not married to anyone, they were more likely assisting their parent. “Women were singularly suited to serve as dispenser of love, comfort, and moral instruction to husband and children (Davidson, 230).” Women cooked for the family, knitted clothing and prepare some household essentials. Basically do every chore that keep the house cleaned and supervised their children. Some of the women even take care of any others that live with the family. However, women role started to change during the Revolutionary War. Starting then, women served as the camp followers, educators and labors in the mills or factory.

-Reason why the role of women changed.
There were many reasons…

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