Rodney King 's A Victim Of Excessive Police Force Essay

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Rodney King’s case has become one of the most controversial cases in American history. The case in which King was a victim of excessive police force. It exposed the horrific truth of what police forces were capable of doing. The following excerpt of the incident is provided by "Long Road to Justice - Policing the Police and Prosecuting the Klan."
“The beating of Rodney King by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department on March 3, 1991, captured on videotape and broadcasted around the world, shocked America. The tape all but confirmed the officers ' use of excessive force and exposed to the public longstanding racial tensions in Los Angeles, with which its residents were all too familiar. The state prosecution of the four officers involved resulted in a complete acquittal. Within hours, riots broke out across Los Angeles that left 55 people dead and over 2000 wounded. In light of what appeared to many to be a wholesale miscarriage of justice, the Civil Rights Division opened a new investigation and initiated a federal prosecution. On August 4, 1992, the same four officers were indicted on two counts of intentionally violating Mr. King 's constitutional rights by the use of excessive force.”

In the following years there have been thousands of incidents that exposed police forces using an excessive amount of force. Excessive force is considered to be any type of force that is uncalled for. Statistics show that the number of police brutality has been constantly rising.…

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