Essay on Robert Browning 's Life And Accomplishments

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Robert Browning, A talented writer known for many outstanding poems. Robert was born in the May of 1812, in Camberwell, England. His parents were well known for their accomplishments. Roberts mother, an accomplished pianist and a devoted Christian. His Father, whom made a living as a bank clerk, was an accomplished artist, scholar, and antiquarian. Roberts father also being a book collector of book, had a vast array of rare book that totaled to be more than six thousand volumes.
Roberts father played a major contribution the his teachings. Many of the books Robert 's father had where written in many different forms of languages including Greek, Hebrew, Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish. Robert spent a lot of his childhood reading and learning from these book. It has been lead to believe that most of, if not all of Roberts education came from his father and his vast array of literature.
It has also been lead to believe that Robert was reading and writing proficiently by the young age of five. A great accomplishment at such an young age. At the age of twelve Robert continued to accomplish more and more, he wrote the volume of Byronic verse that he entitled Incondita. Something that even his parent couldn 't accomplish, his parents had tried to attempt, but was unsuccessful. Robert even went further to have the volume published.

About a year later, After the publication of Byronic, just before Robert turned thirteen his cousin gave him a collection of poems written by…

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