Riordan Manufacturing Sr-Rm-012 Service Request Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing’s SR-rm-012 Service Request Riordan Industry’s is an international manufacturer of plastics generating success through superior products illustrated by current postings of annual revenues exceeding one billion dollars. Dr. Riordan began as a professor of chemistry and went on to develop high tensile strength plastic substrates. Currently Riordan’s employs a staff of 550 people in five locations. Their goal is to produce quality products build long-term customer relationship and cultivate growth in sales for future business. The employee working environment inspires loyalty from his employees. Riordan has commitments to four key milestones a) Manufacturing focus, b) Customer c) employees and d) manufacturing …show more content…
Sales training begins once the congruencies issues that reside within multiple computer systems have been resolved. Product knowledge will change because a item master will need to be developed from the multiple item name that reside currently. The Item master for all divisions of the company must decipher which parts shared among all four divisions and create a common Item number to supersede the four different part numbers that exist now. Salesperson compensation will remain unchanged until a time where all division can create standards.
Information Technology Security Recommendations
With an emphasis on revenue growth and infrastructure streamlining, it is important that Riordan also has security measures in place. Hence, it is also important for the company to invest in a system that will not require too much maintenance, external support, or investment input. From a maintenance standpoint, the system security measures will have to adapt to changing demands. According to article by Joshua Corman of IBM, the security vendors out there that will take advantage of potential buyers, not in the interest of the buyer, but for their own interest (Brenner, 2009). In addition, according to an article published by, a security and risk assessment web site, Mr. Corman says that simple do-it-yourself software are often not enough; most botnets

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