Richard Nixon As A Viewing Lens Essay

1874 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 8 Pages
Nixonland is defiantly a must read for those who are seeking to know more about our 37th president, Richard Nixon, and how his presidency really drove a steak between the liberals and conservatives, at which gave the stereotypes that we use in politics today. Throughout the book, Pearlstein uses Richard Nixon as a viewing lens, through which we, as a reader view the time period. Nixonland is much more than just about Nixon, he played such a huge role in shaping how one, debates in current times. It is a brilliant piece of literature that takes you in and describes the social and political history during Nixon’s era. Richard Nixon was a brilliant figure; he could be compared to a chess player. This made him such a good politician because he could think several “moves” ahead of his opponents. He also used his personal feelings more than anyone before his time to try to “connect” with his fellow Americans. He would give examples of his past which indicated that life had dealt him a bad hand as well. Rick Perlstein wrote this very detailed, four part story of Richard Nixon’s reign in politics, as well as described the dysfunction of the era with details of the assassinations, riots, murders and corruptions that were occuring. If one would want to know how we as a country, got where we are today, Nixonland is the must read narrative. This book captures the events of the social, cultural and political forces that began after World War 2 and what turned into post war with…

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