Rhetorical Analysis Of `` Girlsgogames `` Essay

1241 Words Feb 19th, 2016 5 Pages
In today’s society, it is impossible to go a day without consistent advertisements that seem to promote gender stereotypes. While driving down the highway, you may spot a billboard for a beauty product, and, as these types of companies tend to do, it depicts a woman, with completely unreachable standards, that seems to set the grounds for these stereotypes. But these stereotypes go far beyond that of beauty products. These kinds of advertisements are everywhere, even with children. These advertisements have a much greater effect than simply expressing superior body images. In the website, entitled “girlsgogames,” the combination of visuality of the website with the gaming choice that the website provides helps to develop rhetorical appeals to ethos pathos and logos with the intent of implanting the idealized stereotypical women into the minds of young girls. This website uses perfect stylization of all of it’s elements in order to perfectly hit the intended audience of young girls and allow the author to develop the gender stereotypical message. The overall visual appeal of the website helps to set the grounds for the effect of the actual games in the website. For starters, the title of the website immediately sets the intended audience for the website. The title “Girls Go Games” automatically expresses how the contents of the website are specifically developed for females and those of which who are young enough to be classified as girls and to be playing these…

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