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What Is Fear?
Yusef Griffin
Buffalo State College


What Is Fear?
Fear is one of the basic human emotions. Throughout life, every living person and animal has experienced fear. There is no limit to the number of times one may experience fear, but a person’s lifestyle is a major contributor. For example, a Marine Corps infantryman will experience fear more often than an accountant. Fear has powerful effects on a person’s behavior , physiology, and physical actions. Most of the time, fear arises when we experience something that threatens our life. There are two different kinds if fear; innate fear and learned fear. Innate fear is caused by naturally threatening stimuli such as standing on the edge of a high cliff or having a lion roar in your face. Learned fear is caused by neutral stimuli that is associated with innate threats, such as someone pointing a loaded gun in your face or standing next to a ticking bomb. Fear can be found in every aspect of human life. Being that everyone thinks differently and are scared of different things, there have been phobias created to identify different fears. A phobia is a constant fear of an object or situation which the victim will go to great lengths to avoid. Usually, a phobia is not as dangerous as perceived to the victim. Some phobias are believed to be genetic or are a result of the environment one lives in while other phobias are learned at some point in one’s life. There have been…

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