Reverend Hale Is Not Best Idea Essay

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As Hale enters with confidence, he says “Pray you, someone take these!” “Mister Hale! Oh it’s good to see you again! My they’re heavy!” “They must be, they are weighted with authority.” As he arrived in Act one, he was carrying this stack of heavy books symbolizing his prominence of education. Reverend Hale is believed to be a strong imperious and religious man with a strangely large background of Puritanism. He says this quote thinking he’s grand and “knows more” than Parris does. Hale takes his knowledge of witchcraft extremely solemnly, and “jumping to conclusions” on the matter is not best idea. He insists on getting to the bottom of the trials, but he doesn’t enter Salem with the confidence he should have and not knowing the details of the argument nor the struggles of power. He believes they are happening because someone in the village did something wrong, and now God is punishing the whole village. Hale was actively trying to get people to confess to the witchery in the town because he believed them as witches.

In Act two, Reverend Hale’s confidence is slowly eroding. The fact that he shows up at the Proctor household on his behalf shows this. For the court’s knowledge, he’s there for the names that were mentioned but in reality getting an idea of who the they are for himself. The lack of confidence shown here is a big hint that doubt is beginning to take over his conclusions. Hale states “Theology, sir, is a fortress; no crack in a fortress may be accounted…

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