Retail Relationships Essay

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Lisa McCartney
April 28, 2012
“Retailer Relationships”

Professor Zoppi

1) Describe how you selected the retailer and explain your rationale.
The retailer I selected is Payless Shoe Source. The reason I chose this retailer is because they have been in business for a very long time and a very popular place to shop for shoes. It is the largest footwear retailer in the United States. I also worked there about 18 years ago so I have some knowledge of how the company runs and what they do to appeal to customers. This is a place that people love to shop at due to the prices of their shoes and the selection that they have for the whole family. I think this store is great for kids shoes since kids out grow them so quick. Why spend so
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The sales that they have really draws in the customers and their prices are fantastic; which is why they are the largest retailer in the United States. They have contact with their customers when you sign up with your email for coupons and promotions so you don’t miss anything that is going on in the store. They will also send you a coupon for your birthday.

3) Research what this retailer did in the 1990s, pre-social media to build relationships. Compare the 1990s method to the social media method used today. (Is is better off now or how it was before?)
In the 1990s Payless Shoe Source built relationships with its customers with television ads and in the newspaper. I also think word of mouth was a big help as well. I do think that have advantages with what they have available now with the web. That is a huge advantage with advertisement. They are able to reach out to more people and especially with email. That was not available back in the day. I actually want to say that there were no coupons either. I know when I worked there, there were no coupons. The only discount you received was from the sales in the store. I do think they are better off with what they have available to them now. There is much more communication with the customers than in the past. I think that goes for most retailers. There is more ways to reach out to customers than ever before and I feel that will

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