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Tips on résumés and cover letters
Successful résumés serve only one function: to get you an interview. Creating a résumé that accomplishes this requires a lot of thought. Your résumé is an introduction to us or to any potential employer; make sure it presents you in the best possible light.
If you don't have prior financial work experience, think of other ways you can demonstrate your aptitude: other jobs or experiences that required leadership and quantitative ability, or roles in which you worked with your company's senior clients.
A few tips: • Almost without exception, your résumé should be no longer than one page. • Prioritize the points you want to get across, such as summer internships and other quantitative
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Morgan, and that you've thought through why you want to join our team. What do you have to offer and why do you think you would be a good fit? How can you distinguish yourself from the hundreds of others we interview?
Use the cover letter to demonstrate compelling evidence of your candidacy that may not be obvious in your résumé. Your résumé gives us a static view of your academic and work background, but your cover letter gives you an opportunity to discuss how you will apply it to a role in this field. Organization and brevity are just as important here as in your résumé. Put yourself in the recruiters' shoes: they will see hundreds of cover letters. Prioritize your points, cover each one in order, and do not dwell on any of them.

Our interview process
Here is a quick overview of our interviewing process. We recruit for both summer internships and full-time positions. It's important for you to know that most of our full-time positions are filled from the pool of summer interns, so plan ahead.
Undergraduate summer opportunities • We typically begin formal recruiting for on-campus Summer Analysts in October through early January. • Check with your campus career center and be sure to submit your application and résumé by the specified deadline, which varies by school. • You also must submit your application and résumé through our website by your campus career canter's deadline. To learn more about this process,

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